Using A Stun Master Stun Gun For Self-Defense

Defensive weapons are not passive weapons that reduce you into waiting inactively for every motion of attack to be counterattacked. Stun guns, for example, are loaded with paralyzing if non-lethal electricity that ends conflict before it begins. A Stun Master stun gun could be outfitted with everything from a loud alarm to flashing lights, to say nothing of a strategic size and appearance, for launching an offense in the midst of a defense.

A stun gun can dump an electric shock into the body while poked onto it. The results are consistent each time. These are a loss of muscle movement and balance. They neither last nor inflict damage for life, but afford you the time to run and call law enforcement.

Hardworking stun guns provide approaches to defense suitable for various situations of danger. The 9.5 million volt Stun Master multi-function rechargeable stun gun is also a personal alarm, and has a LED flashlight and red flashing emergency lights. Sound the stun alarm to curb an aggressor from afar, scream for help, and, along with the flashing lights, announce your location to other people.

Point a flashlight stun gun to the assailant, and while he is blinded momentarily, go zap. Besides, the 8.5 million volt Stun Master rechargeable fashion stun gun with flashlight is a choice to venture beyond products in generic-black. Animal or flower prints, and color schemes like pink-and-gray, do not make it appear like you are armed.

A disguised stun gun would certainly disarm the offender who is not poised to impede a weapon, believing you do not have one. The 11 million volt Stun Master Hot Shot stun gun comes across as a Blackberry-style mobile gizmo, not an electric gun. Plus, it is a small stun gun that can be hidden in the hand, from where the miscreant will never see it coming.

The best response to incoming peril is to run from it. A single, hardworking Stun Master stun gun alone can fill your arsenal of defense tactics for deterring an attacker in order to get away.